Das American Jewish Committee (AJC) wurde 1906 in New York von amerikanischen Juden vorwiegend deutscher Herkunft mit der Zielsetzung gegründet, jüdische Sicherheit zu gewähren und Demokratie, Menschenrechte und Völkerverständigung weltweit zu fördern. 

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Spreading antisemitism, particularly in Europe, threatens Jewish life and attacks core democratic values.  The AJC Berlin Ramer Institute, in coordination with AJC offices in Paris, Brussels, works together with government and civil society to expose and combat anti-Semitism.  In early May, AJC convened in Brussels a groundbreaking strategy conference: A Defining Moment for Europe

The AJC Berlin Ramer Institute promotes strong U.S.-German-Israeli relations as an integral part of the transatlantic partnership, work that includes leadership missions to Israel.  As part of our special dialogue series “The Next 50 Years,” opinion leaders from Israel, the U.S., Germany and other European countries develop ideas to keep vital relationships with Israel vibrant and vigorous for coming decades.  

Iran is threatening peace and stability in the Mideast through its nuclear bomb aspirations, its support for global terrorism, its role in fomenting regional conflicts and its support for the murderous Assad regime.  In the wake of the #IranDeal, AJC Berlin continues to investigate and uncover Iran’s destabilizing role in the Mideast, its support for terrorism and its appalling human rights record.

Recent articles

Hezbollah in Germany and Europe

In July 2013, the European Union placed Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations. However, the EU had made a theoretical division within the organization, placing only Hezbollah’s "military wing" on the list of terrorist organizations, not the "political wing." Even though Hezbollah has...

11/20/2019 Report

Die Hisbollah in Deutschland und Europa

Mit dieser Handreichung möchten wir Informationen über die Entstehung der Hisbollah, ihre ideologische Ausrichtung sowie ihre Aktivitäten in Deutschland und Europa bereitstellen. Nur mit ausreichendem Hintergrundwissen ist eine fundierte politische Debatte über die Hisbollah möglich. Ferner ist...

10/30/2019 Report

Iran Watch // April 2018

The May 12th deadline for the Trump administration to waive sanctions against Iran and keep the U.S. in the nuclear deal (JCPOA) is quickly approaching. As sanctions are a key instrument used to change Iranian foreign policy, this edition of Iran Watch investigates the actual impact of sanctions relief upon the Iranian economy and resulting trade with Europe.
04/12/2018 Report


In July 2015, AJC announced the launch of the Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism campaign, inviting U.S. mayors and municipal leaders to sign on to a statement that calls upon their European counterparts to publicly address and take action against anti-Semitism in their communities. By signing the statement, U.S. mayors and municipal leaders pledge to advance respectful coexistence in their own communities and urge their European counterparts to affirm that anti-Semitism is incompatible with fundamental democratic values. To date, more than 300 mayors from 47 states representing more than 75 million people have signed on. 

  • AJC was the first Jewish organization to seek contact with Germany after the Holocaust, and AJC remains today an important partner for Germany — both in terms of dialogue with American Jewry and transatlantic relations in General.

    Angela Merkel, German Chancellor