AJC Berlin hosts police training seminar focused on anti-Semitism, Islamic extremism, and Salafism


AJC Berlin hosted a day-long police training seminar on Sept.18 as a follow-up to the summer’s anti-Israel demonstrations, which spawned anti-Semitic incidents across the city. Around 20 officials from diverse criminal justice agencies participated in the training, which was designed to support law enforcement efforts in preventing and responding to anti-Semitic violence and crime.

The seminar focused on developments in the area of Islamic extremism and Salafism. AJC has a ten-year history of cooperation with the Berlin State Police Academy on issues of extremism and community relations.There was a lively discussion about legal restrictions on anti-Semitism, difficulties of data collection and prevention initiatives.

AJC applauds our long-term cooperation with Berlin law enforcement authorities on issues of countering anti-Semitism and extremism.

09/18/2014 News

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